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Nutrition Only:

A monthly nutritional guide on what to eat and when to eat it. 
This plan includes different options to choose from for each meal, the caloric intake numbers, as well as the opportunity to adjust the plan twice during your monthly purchase. 

Training Only:

A monthly training plan consisting of cardio and weight lifting.
This plan offers different workouts such as circuit training, HIIT, interval training, and more depending on your lifestyle and goals. 
The plan may be adjusted once during your montly purchase. 
Package Plan:

The package comes with both Nutrition & Training. The guides will coexist and cater to your specific needs and goals. You will have a monthly guide for eating healthy with many different options as well as the training regimen consisting of cardio and weight lifting. 
The package can be adjusted twice during the monthly purchase as well as an introductory meeting for measurements & weight as well as a bi-weekly meeting for measurements & weight.
(**If you are using this as online training only we will work through text and emails for meetings.) 
Competition Plan:

Competition plans are for those interested in competiting in an NPC/IFBB competition. These shows must be 12-16 weeks out. Prices may vary if inside the 12 week marker. 
These plans include nutrition, training, posing, measurements and progress picutres ever 10 days. 
These plans will also give you information on who to contact for suit fittings, tanning, hair, make-up, routine music, etc.