July 29, 2021

Fitbit is selling the $100,000 smartwatch that’s a wearable device for tracking your fitness level and activity.

Fitbit will soon be making the device compatible with its Fitbit Connect app, which lets users track their activity, calories burned, and heart rate.

The company says the Connect app will be available on the Fitbit Dash 4, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbuds, and Fitbit Surge.

The Connect app has been redesigned to make it easier to connect and use with a smartphone and the fitness trackers, according to Fitbit.

But the company has not yet released any pricing details.

Fitbit will sell the smartwatch through third-party retailers, including the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The watch will also ship with a number of accessories, including a strap and band that attaches to the wrist.

The accessory can be purchased separately for $50.

Fitbud 2 will ship in August.

A Fitbit spokesperson said that Fitbit and Fitbuddy have been working together to develop the fitness tracker, which is already on sale.

The Fitbit Fitbuddys and Fitbits, which are both connected to a computer, can be paired to the Connect Fitbit app, and a user can view data from each Fitbit device.

This is the first time Fitbit has released the FitbUD app.


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