August 5, 2021

Fitness equipment is becoming a big business, but is it really worth it?

In a new survey, women are paying more and more for fitness equipment.

Female fitness models and models for fitness companies are spending more than £100,000 on their equipment in 2017, a survey of fitness equipment brands by UK retailer Fitnessgear found.

The study, which tracked the purchases of UK women by fitness equipment companies from January to June, found that the average expenditure for a brand new female model was £150.

In comparison, a male model would spend £40,000.

The survey also found that women’s brands spend a higher amount on male models, with an average of £80,000 spent on the same.

Women are spending even more on men’s clothing, according to the survey, with the average price of a new male model’s outfit up £30.

However, the average cost of a brand-new male model outfit is £150, according the survey.

The figures are a result of the recent popularity of men’s fitness apparel.

Fitnessgear’s research found that men’s brands had made £1.5bn in sales for 2017.

The survey also looked at the average spend by male fitness models on fitness gear.

This was revealed to be £40 per month, a 50 per cent increase on the average for male models in the same period last year.

Men’s Fitnessgear, which is part of fitnesswear chain, Fitbit, said that the survey was part of a broader survey of female fitness brands and found that female fitness companies were spending £400 million on products.

The company said that a majority of female brands surveyed were focusing on their female brands, which are selling higher-quality products.

“Female fitness brands are now spending more on their products than male brands.

We’re not sure why, but the trend is quite clear, which could be that female brands have had more time to develop and improve their products and brands,” said Caroline Molloy, a spokeswoman for Fitbit.

The firm added that the gender gap in the buying habits of fitness brands was narrowing, and women were increasingly purchasing more products from brands with more female employees.

In the past few years, women’s clothing has become a major part of the women’s fitness industry, and the majority of women’s apparel brands are focused on women’s style.

According to Fitbit’s research, there were more than 1,100 female-owned fitness companies in 2017.


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