August 9, 2021

You probably know of the popular fitness app FitPal, which uses its massive social media following to deliver information on its fitness features, such as its fitness rating system, calories burned, and calories burned per minute.

But what if you don’t? 

FitPal has a few things going for it that make it a compelling fitness app for some people. 

For one, the app is built on a platform called Geofeedia.

That’s a term that basically refers to a database that is maintained by the geolocation company Geofeedic. 

Geoffrey Wittenberg, a co-founder and CEO of Geofreedia, told The Huffington Post that he built FitPal to solve a problem that’s been around for years, namely, people who want to track their physical activity. 

“What people are really interested in is, do we really need a device that can give them the real time information on their own body?”

Wittenburg said. 

The problem with tracking someone’s body for long periods of time is that there are a lot of factors that come into play.

The biggest problem with GPS tracking is that GPS trackers are very expensive. 

Wittenberg said that Geofdedia has solved that problem by providing users with a way to measure their own fitness using a GPS-based device. 

So, for example, you might get an email saying that you have a high level of fitness and that you’re doing well with your gym routine. 

But what if the device you’re tracking isn’t accurate?

Wittenber said that FitPal is a great app for people who don’t want to spend a lot on GPS tracking devices and don’t have the time to go to the gym. 

Fitpal also has a good selection of different categories, including weight training, cardio, and sports. 

In terms of how the app works, you get a few basic stats.

You can see how many calories you’ve burned, your heart rate, and your oxygen consumption.

But the most interesting statistic is your oxygen uptake. 

This is a measure of how much oxygen your body uses during exercise, Wittenenberg said.

When you’re exercising, your body is using a lot more oxygen.

So, the higher your oxygen intake, the more oxygen your muscles use.

Wittenber explained that the data that you get on your FitPal app are used to build a graph.

That graph tells you how your exercise is affecting your oxygen level. 

As for the actual exercise itself, Wittyber said you can get a fitness score, which will tell you how well you are performing in various exercise categories.

But when you exercise, the exercise can be intense.

So when you do that exercise for an extended period of time, your muscles get tired. 

You also get a weight measurement. 

According to Wittenberger, FitPal’s app allows users to upload their weight and then a photo is sent to their FitPal account. 

After uploading the photo, the data is then stored in a database and used to create your workout profile. 

What’s more, you can also use the data to create a personalized workout. 

When you start a workout, you’re able to set the intensity and intensity range. 

Then, you also get your fitness score.

The fitness score is a percentage based on your activity and it’s used to make recommendations about how much exercise to do for your body type. 

And that’s just the beginning. 

While Wittenburns app is geared toward people who are serious about training, Witteber told The Daily Beast that the fitness app is also perfect for people looking for an alternative to the conventional fitness app. 

So what’s next for FitPal? “

But I would be willing to bet that that person is not looking at that app, because there’s a lot that Fitpal does for them.” 

So what’s next for FitPal? 

Witteber said he plans to add more categories for fitness that will include walking, cycling, and running. 

If FitPal works well for people like Witten and Wittenbrink, Writtenbrink is planning on expanding the app to include fitness training programs for both men and women. 

Meanwhile, Wottebrink has already launched a fitness app called FitPal2, which he describes as an app that is more of a lifestyle-focused fitness app than the one that he developed. 

However, Wittlebrink said that he plans on launching the fitness application as a standalone app, and that the FitPal community can help shape the app as well.


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