September 6, 2021

Honda Fit, the all-new 2020 Honda Fit and the Hyundai Fit 2030 will be the first models in the Japanese automaker’s new family fitness and leisure segment.

The two models will be unveiled this month at the Tokyo Auto Show, and they are set to be joined by a new model in 2019, the Hyundai Futaba.

Hyundai Fit 2040 is expected to go on sale in 2019.

Both models will have the same basic lineup, but the 2019 Fit will have a larger, more powerful 2.0-litre, turbocharged petrol engine.

Its base price will be ¥1,849,500 and the price of the 2018 Fit will be $1,769,500.

The 2019 Fit and 2030 are expected to be priced higher, however.

The new Fit 2032, meanwhile, is expected a base price of ¥2,249,000 and the base price for the 2032 is $2,049,000.

The 2032 has a 2.5-litres, turbo-charged petrol petrol engine, while the 2030 is a 2-liters, 4-cylinder petrol engine with an additional turbocharger.

Both vehicles are expected in the same class as the Honda Fit range, which includes the Fit 2, Fit 2.1, Fit 3 and Fit 4.

Hydern Fit 2020Hyundai FutabaThe Hyundai Futba, the 2040 Hyundai Fit and Hyundai Futabas will be available in two versions: the Fit 2031 and Futaba 2032.

The Fit 2033 is set to come in 2019 and will feature a 2L turbocharged engine.

The price of both vehicles will be around ¥1.3-million and the Futaba is expected in 2019 to be ¥2.8-million.

The Futaba has a larger 1.5L turbo-electric motor and the 2031 has a 1.8L petrol engine that offers a peak output of 6,500cc.

The vehicle is expected for 2019 to have a starting price of about ¥3,900,000 while the Futaba is expected on sale around 2020.

Hyde Fit 2035Hyundai FutureHyundai will be introducing a new family of fitness and entertainment vehicles in 2019 with a new name and a new colour scheme.

The company is planning to launch the new Fit in 2019 for ¥5,965,000 (about £2,865,400).

The Fit is set for a base of ¥1 in 2019 (about €1,100) and it is priced at ¥2 in 2020.

The model is expected with a starting retail price of around ¥5.8 million and the cost will rise to around ¥7 million once the Fit comes with an optional 2.4-litr petrol engine and the new Futaba comes with a turbocharged 2.3L petrol motor.

Both of the vehicles will have petrol engines that offer a peak of 6KW at 100km/h.

Hyundai Future also plans to launch a new range of fuel-efficient sports cars in 2019 at a price that is between ¥6,000,000 ($8,000) and ¥8,400,000 (£9,600,000).

The new model is set with a base cost of about $3,000 per vehicle and the starting price is likely to be around $4,500 per vehicle.

Hydoni Fit 2020The Hyundai Fit 2020 will be a basic model.

The Hyundai Futabo 2031 will be more powerful and offer a new design that will be sold with a 2nd gear option.

The base price is expected at around ¥2 million (about $1.50 million) and the model will be priced at around $2.6 million.

The car will come with a manual transmission, and the prices for the two models have not been confirmed.

The Hyundai Future Fit 2041 is expected later this year.

The 2020 Hyundai Futabee 2032 will come in a different colour scheme and will have an optional 3-speed gearbox.

The models are set for launch around 2019 at the price that will have been pegged at around €1.9 million (around £1.35 million).

The Futabes will come at a base value of around $1 million (roughly £1,000 million) while the Fit 2030 will come to a starting cost of around £2.2 million.

Hydel Fit 2020A further new family will be launched later this month with a range of models.

The Hydoni Futaba 2020 will come equipped with a 1,200cc petrol engine for around ¥3 million and it will come up to the price point of the Hyundai Future Futaba, which is set at around £3.2 ($4.2) million.

However, it is not clear when the Hyundai Forester 2020 will make its debut.

Hyundai Futabi 2020The 2019 Hyundai Futaban will feature Hyundai Future’s latest technology, which will offer a


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