October 1, 2021

Fitness expert and bikini model Gabriella Farrow has spoken out against the industry’s obsession with the bikini and what it has done to the women who wear it.

Farrow, who recently announced that she is a fitness model, explained that she had no choice but to take part in a reality show about fitness, after she was rejected from the industry.

She spoke about the lack of opportunities for women in the industry, with only 40 per cent of female executives in the fitness industry having women as employees, according to an industry survey. 

“It’s not just about the women in fitness, it’s about the entire body of women who are not working in the field and who have to do this work,” Farrow told the BBC. 

In a piece for The Atlantic, Farrow said that the industry had taken a big risk by trying to get into fitness. 

The industry had been trying to create a new kind of career path for women and not just for fitness models, she said.

“It’s time to stop chasing that career,” she said, arguing that the model industry is a “huge source of funding” for the industry as a whole. 

‘No one wanted to be in this industry’Farrow is just one of the many women who have come out against this industry, saying that it was only recently that female executives were willing to work for the companies in the first place. 

She explained that, in the past, “no one wanted any part of it”.

“There are so many women in this business that I think that, if we had to choose one person to be the face of the industry and that person would be me,” she added. 

Women were afraid to do it for fear of being shunned and bullied. 

Farrow also explained that the companies that had accepted her were not necessarily the ones that were the most successful.

“They were not the ones who would have been successful,” she explained. 

I was a little bit of a target for a while, because I didn’t look like a model, but then I started to realise that, you know, this was a part of my life, I just couldn’t be ignored anymore.”‘

They’ve destroyed our livelihoods’The lack of diversity in the beauty industry was highlighted during a recent interview with The Guardian by fitness model Aisha Nader, who described the industry for being dominated by white models. 

Nader said that it had been “so unfair” to her that she was denied an audition, despite being the first Muslim model in the US. 

It’s made me thinner, it has made me heavier, and it has also affected the health of my skin, which is a very sensitive skin,” she told the paper.””

It’s made me thinner, it has made me heavier, and it has also affected the health of my skin, which is a very sensitive skin,” she told the paper.”

I think that the models are really taking the money that they can get by just taking a model in.

They have ruined our livelihood as an industry,” she continued. 

While Farrow’s criticism is certainly valid, many in the women’s fitness industry have responded with support for her, with several saying that she has “changed the game”. 

“She has definitely made the industry more inclusive and I think it’s a really great step forward,” fitness model Sarah Sorensen told the Daily Mail.

“I think she’s been very brave and brave to speak up about her own experiences.” 

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