October 27, 2021

The world’s top fitness and fitness apparel company is set to launch a new fitness brand in November that will feature its fitness products in a sleek new packaging.

The Planet Fitness brand, which will include models in skinny fits, will debut at a launch event Nov. 23 in Los Angeles, the company announced Friday.

The Planet Fitness product lineup will include three core lines: skinny fit, running, and cardio, the companies said in a press release.

Planet Fitness products will be available at participating Planet Fitness locations in the U.S. and Canada.

“Planet Fitness is taking fitness and wellness to a whole new level with the launch of this brand,” said David DeMartino, CEO of Planet Fitness, in a statement.

“Planet Fitness products and apparel are designed with our consumers in mind, and our team is excited to bring the same kind of high-quality, inspiring design to the marketplace.”

The Planet fitness line includes skinny fit models that range from underweight women in the XL category to supermodels in the super plus range.

The company’s skinny fit range will be priced from $30-$50 and will include items like yoga pants, athletic shorts, and t-shirts.

The skinny fit products will also include items such as the Fit Fit Booty shorts, which are designed to make the legs look wider and more muscular, and the Fit Fitness Run shorts, a yoga pants style that has a longer waist and thigh, and can be worn with a running shoe.

Planet fitness products will come in various sizes and shapes, the brand said.

The brand will also launch a running and cardio line, which it said will be more than just running.

The new products will feature products such as running shoes, running shorts, running socks, and running shoes.

“Our Planet Fitness running and fitness products are designed for those who want to take a different approach to training, and we are excited to have them on our shelves in November,” DeMartinos statement said.

“These new products bring a unique and stylish design to a long-standing and iconic fitness brand that will be a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts around the world.”

Planet Fitness has previously launched its skinny fit and running products in the past.

In 2017, the planet fitness brand launched the Fit Plus and Fit Plus Plus line, two fitness lines that combined running and yoga.

Planet Fitness also launched a fitness line of yoga pants in 2018.


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