July 13, 2021

A man has a “giant brain” and a “massive body”, a new study has found.

And he has the potential to be a “world-class” athlete, researchers said.

“He has a huge brain, he has a massive body, but they’re just different things,” Dr. Michael Crampton, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, said in a video announcing the findings of the study.

“It’s not a superhuman, it’s not the best-case scenario, but we have a pretty clear understanding that the body is an incredible organ and the brain is an incredibly powerful organ.”

Dr. Cramton said the results were a huge step forward in understanding human development.

“I think we have the potential now to be the best human beings on the planet,” he said.

The study looked at the brain and body of a healthy 19-year-old man and found that while his muscles, tendons and bones were “really, really, really strong,” his brain was just as “average.”

“It has a really, very typical human brain.

That is to say, the muscles and joints are all very similar,” he added.”

And so he has an average brain.”

Dr Cramson said the findings are likely to have significant implications for future medical research.

“This work gives us a pretty solid basis for future studies that are going to look at human neurophysiology and how the body interacts with the brain,” he explained.

The results are the latest to show that the brain has a distinct and unique role in the body.

“You don’t want to think of the brain as the ultimate organ,” Dr Cramston said.

But he also noted that there is a lot of work still to be done in understanding the differences between the brain of an older person and that of a young person.

“We’re still learning more about brain function and function of the central nervous system,” he pointed out.

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