July 18, 2021

Updated Aug. 16, 2018 10:43:17When fitness is considered to be a function of both fitness and ability, there is a range of potential applications for fitness.

Fitness and ability are not mutually exclusive and can be combined.

Fitness is not limited to individuals; it can also apply to any group or class of people.

A fitness defined fitness is one that provides benefits to a group, which is generally defined as a group of people that are able to do a certain task, or a group that can do a specific task.

When we consider the fitness of a group as a function, it is the fitness that is more important than the ability to do that task or task, because the ability is a function and not a function.

When a person can do the task, then a definition of fitness is more likely to be helpful than a definition that is not as helpful, because fitness is an ability and not an ability.

The definition of the fitness or ability of a person determines the amount of benefits a person will receive from a given task.

In the example above, a definition would include an ability to perform an exercise, but would not include the ability for that exercise to be done.

An example of a definition might be that a person could perform an agility exercise, and then the definition would also include an understanding of what a person’s ability is.

If a person is able to perform the agility exercise in a given way, then the exercise is a fitness definition because it provides benefits, and not because of any specific ability that the person has.

Another example might be a person has a specific ability for running, but if they could only do one type of running exercise, then that exercise would be not a fitness.

A person can still be considered to have a defined fitness if they are able, for example, to perform a particular type of work, such as work that requires some specific physical strength or endurance.

For example, if a person performs a specific type of heavy lifting, then they could be considered a defined fit, because that person is also capable of performing that type of lifting.


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