July 19, 2021

A new feature of the iPhone app Fitny suggests that employees should look for quotes that make them feel positive about their performance.

The app offers five quotes that people can use as motivation quotes.

The quotes can be used to motivate your team, help them perform well at work, or to motivate yourself.

The Fitnys five quotes are: 1.

“I love this company, and I love the people here.”


“We’re not just going to work hard, we’re going to do what we have to do to get to where we want to be.”


“People are so passionate about what they do, and it’s great to have that support from people like you.”


“When I’m doing something I’m passionate about, I don’t get bored.

I’m always thinking about what I want to accomplish.”


“Work hard.

Make your work awesome.”

Fitniness is a new app for the iPhone and is available in the App Store for $0.99.

The first version of Fitnies motivation quotes was created by former Apple product manager Ben Zimmer, who described the app as “the ultimate work-from-home resource.”

The company has also released an app for other platforms including Windows and Android.

The goal of Fit nycy is to improve productivity, help employees feel more positive about the work they do and encourage employees to do their best work.

In a statement, Zimmer said: “Fitnys motivation quotes have become one of my favorite ways to motivate employees.

I think that when people have motivation quotes that are truly relevant and meaningful, that’s when they really feel accomplished and empowered to keep doing their job.”

Read more about motivation quotes and app in The Verge’s interview with Ben Zimmer.


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